Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Hello Blogville

I dunno what i'm doing on this space, Gotta "Fess Up" and admit i've been an invisible stalker checking out other peeps blogs - sometimes getting an insight on random situations and other times having a right laugh at the different types of crazy around the world.. So today, "go figure" - i got me a plot of land in blogger world and i shall build a lil home, which hopefully I'll settle in and call my sweet escape, make friends and live happily ever after, lol. For me, writing is a hobby, a source of therapy in a strange way, an expression of joy at other times and then again i can put together a bunch of sh*t coz i have a mind that works in weird ways ...

So people have called me many things such as; crazy, weird, sweet, sensual, crazy, deep, ignorant, intelligent, pain in the backside, crazy, kind, fun-loving, perv and the list goes on... U did notice crazy, right? Ignore that! Its total BS! I am so idealistic and full of dreams its almost sickening but i've come to terms with it so whoever reads this just has to put up with it too. Im a big believer in the Big man above and damn optimistic even when its so clear the odds are against you. (some call that insanity) but hey..... its worked for me many times! I'll be the friend who's calm in a storm, laugh when we've messed up big time as long as there's someones hand to hold, anyones' hand will do! I used to live with a raging storm within me (like a born worrier does) but life, God and I have worked together to keep it calm & peaceful... and I'm so in love with myself these days... l8rs!! Keep it Hundreds!!!