Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This heart, this heart of mine confuses the heck out of me. I listen to it and it comes up with mixed messages. Apparently it fears getting hurt. Sometimes it shuts up when i'm content with what its saying, and we've had our ups & downs. Me and my heart, sometimes we have issues, lol... But we depend on each other and it gives me joy that my heart works....

My mind, this mind of mine it going round and round in circles. I listen to it but its seems to be short of information. Sometimes its a good source of comfort and then it tends to procrastinate. When i fill it with my Fathers word it gains clarity

Growing up with this heart and this mind has been quite a journey, interesting one indeed. Life has been all about schooling and still i learn. My Father says that i'll perish for lack of knowledge. Together my mind and heart make decisions, sometimes they feel like mistakes and yet i know that its all for a purpose. Yes, team work heart + mind is best and everything conspires towards a destiny. I am definitely a woman of destiny. I dont walk blindly, nor talk recklessly even though there've been moments i once wanted to change, i realise that those moments bring me to the moment i'm in now so how dare i regret!

I talk to God like he's my Father and Friend. My advisor, my comforter, my reason of being. Yet, i 've never seen him, i believe in him and he's holding my hand right now. He said to me the other day, baby girl don't worry - trust in me and i will not lead you astray. Picture yourself driving a long distance journey at night, without street lights. You cannot see whats far ahead but the car lights guide you, and show u little by little what is ahead and you just continue step by step until you reach your final destination, you will be proud of what i have prepared for your home coming. The work you're here to do, you'll do it gracefully and full of love. Quit listening to what people have to say and follow me.

So with this heart and this mind, i know that i am on the right path and that gives me peace. You just have to forget whats behind and not worry about whats ahead, live with hope and make sure you live intensely in each moment.

As a kid, i was absolutely fearless - i trusted in my heart because it was pure (i think, lol). Never feared the dark, not even snakes and i trusted God with my all. I lived right in the moment dreaming of a big future. Distractions and awareness of evil in the world caused my heart to fear and my mind to wonder. I'm casting out all the negative experiences that taught my heart to fear and relearning how to live with abundant faith. I trust all is well xxx One love


  1. I love this post.

    This is everything I think and believe- so good to see someone else affirm it within their lives as well.

    I will keep reading- keep writing!

  2. Great... positive thinking does amazing things to the body and soul.
    Nice post!